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Advancing the cause of independent film-making.

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Drawing under-represented talent into the cinema industry in order to create a richer and more diverse culture within independent filmmaking.

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The IFT teamed up with the Cambridge Russian Speaking Society to bring veterans and young people in Cambridge together to explore the history of the Arctic Convoys. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

About the IFT

Advancing the cause of independent film-making

At the Independent Film Trust, we advance the cause of independent film-making by uncovering new stories, empowering new voices and developing new audiences. We are here for anyone who believes in cinema as a form of social good. For those who appreciate independent cinema’s demand for empathy, creativity and truth, and its offering to audiences of alternate realities made vivid and tangible.

The IFT was set up in 2004 and is a UK-registered charity. Our activities include the provision of training for those who are marginalised or disadvantaged in society, scholarships for those who have shown talent but need monetary or other help, and promotion for films that for one reason or another have not reached the audiences they deserve. We have run workshops and courses in mental health institutions, referral units, special educational needs institutions and centres for homelessness, offering people an opportunity to tell their unique stories to receptive audiences. We work with groups such as Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) to find and showcase the best in independent film, to promote innovation and to celebrate the vitality and diversity of the sector through specialist screenings and festival events. We support initiatives that encourage interest in film production and help emerging film-makers to develop and express themselves. We are able to do a huge amount with a small team, but we now need your help to continue our work where people benefit from it the most.    

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What people say about the IFT

“What came across quite strongly was that the young people had achieved something that they might have thought they wouldn’t be able to do. It will have given them the confidence to take on a challenge that was completely new, not something that any of them had been involved with before, and they had proven to themselves that this was a challenge they were up for.”

Tom Brake MP
Liberal Democrat Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

“The Independent Film Trust is doing vital work to offer the social and cultural benefits of independent film production to people who would not otherwise get them”

Elliot Grove
Director, Raindance Film Festival

“The films, all shot on tiny digital cameras, are …rooted in problems of identity, alienation, addiction or freedom”

Mark Gould
The guardian







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