A diverse film industry makes better cinema

In celebration of Raindance’s 25th Anniversary Festival, we teamed up with the Raindance team to launch a new pilot programme; 25 x 25. The project  provided 25 participants with a wide range of networking, access and mentoring opportunities – participants were given a Raindance festival pass and invited to a number of independent films, talks and workshops. After the festival, the Independent Film Trust will is remaining available to the participants for a further 6 months to offer remote mentoring.

Why 25X25?
There is a lack of representation in the UK film industry: according to the BFI*, out of the UK directors listed in the Top 200 films at the worldwide box office, 2001-2016, only two were female and none were people of colour. The cinema is a vital component to our national cultural output. It is one the key places in which we tell stories as a nation and communicate who we are to the world. However, with a lack of representation in key production roles, there is a limit to which kinds of stories will be told, and whose life experience will be included in them. *stats taken from BFI Research and Statistics: ‘UK Talent and Awards, 2016’.

Typically, BAME and LGBTQ groups, as well as people with disabilities are largely under-represented in cinema. But, socio-economic factors also play a large role in this: people on low income and those with specific access to funds and opportunities such as asylum seekers, refugees and people who have experienced the criminal justice system are rarely represented in the film industry. 25 X 25 is looking to highlight this issue and offer opportunities to bring under-represented film artists into the industry.


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