The IFT is committed to supporting new and under-represented talent through mentoring

The IFT seeks out talent that is typically under-represented by the meainstream film industry. This might include BAME and LGBTQ artists, artists with disabilities, refugees and more. In doing so, the IFT looks to  ensure that cinema becomes more representative of modern society.

Supporting artists with mental health challenges

Writer and illustrator, Paul Jacques took part in the Vision Shorts workshop series developed in 2010 by Raindance and the Independent Film Trust. This course was run at Westminster Mind in London – a centre for people suffering from serious mental health challenges. As a participant, Paul wanted to produce a complex animation that was too technical for the devised workshop. In order to facilitate the production of the film, the IFT supported Paul by providing him with an editor that could transform his illustrations in the way he had envisaged. Here he talks about the process and what it meant for him to make the film.

Night Music

Night Music (2010), written and produced by Paul Jacques

Night Music was produced in collaboration with the Independnet Film Trust. The film was premiered at the VUE Piccadilly before featuring at the Raindance Film Festival in 2011.