A diverse film industry makes better cinema. That’s why we are working with Raindance to help underrepresented film artists break into the industry and make cinema more exciting for everyone.

Film School in a Box

Through education, we are able to take the fantastic opportunity for self expression and communication that film has to offer, to people who are marginalised to the point of being voiceless. Our Film School in a Box project takes the practice of film-making into specialist institutions such as schools, prisons, referral units, refugee centres and community centres to teach people how to communicate their important stories through film.


Our scholarships enable emerging film-makers who are struggling to break into the meainsteam, due to economic constraints or institutional prejudices against race, gender or disability, to get their films made and seen by audiences.


We seek out those typically unrepresented by the mainstream film and media industries to ensure that cinema reflects the wide range of stories and perspectives that the UK has to offer.